MPB Assess – Assessment with guaranteed quality

MPB AssessOur job at Assess is to find the most suitable person for your specific position – across all industries. Our quality warranty rests on scientific methods and the latest tools, coupled with a sense of proportion, common sense, and plenty of experience in assessing people.

Custom-made and varied

In order to give you a maximum of individuality, we work out a needs-based program for each assessment, providing assessments for different performance and hierarchy levels. When it comes to filling vacancies, personnel development or planning one’s succession, as-sessments have been shown to deliver the most reliable and meaningful information on a person’s suitability. Groups of companies, SMBs, public administrations and non-profit organisations have time and again placed their trust in us in important personnel decisions. Why not benefit from our experience in developing and carrying out assessments which has grown since 1987.

Quality awareness and individual assessments – your advantages with MPB Assess:

  • Careful requirement analysis

Our quality-driven assessment process rests on a highly detailed, realistic and systematic definition of the requirement profile, with our experience in recruitment coming to bear with full effect.

  • Individual assessment exercises

To give you a maximum of individuality and practical relevance, we create tailored programs for each assessment with customised exercises matching the need for diagnosis.

  • Quality-tried test methods

For your assessments, MPB uses only meaningful test methods whose quality criteria have been proven and documented using scientific specifications. We use online-based operational and organisational management simulations, tests to measure the intellectual capacity, vocation-related personality tests and behavioural style analyses.

  • Constructive documentation

After completing the assessment, we send a confidential report to you. Besides a Management Summary, the file also includes a competence-based narrative and a numerical-visual presentation of the performance during the assessment. If several candidates take part in the assessment process, we generate a comparative outline which collates all central findings to be viewed at a single glance.

  • Presentation and debriefing

Both the report and the comparison of candidates are an integral part of the presentation following the end of the assessment process which is we submit to your decision-making body.

Professional and cooperative – features you can rely on with MPB:

  • Expertise

We work both with internal and external assessment specialists from different disciplines (psychologists and recruitment experts), an approach which always allows us to keep a neutral and unbiased view.

  • Personality

We see people as a whole and not as the sum of their individual components. What matters to us is the personality and uniqueness of each individual.

  • Appreciation

A realistic and meaningful analysis is possible only if the persons assessed can show who they really are. Our assessments are demanding, intensive and always fair.

  • Clarity

We deliver clear and well-founded recommendations, giving you confidence for further decisions. We give our candidates an open and differentiated feedback and a neutral situation analysis.

  • Certification

The MPB Recruitment Group and also MPB Assess are both ISO certified and therefore meet the appropriate quality requirements. As a member of Swiss Assessment, we fully endorse the quality standards of professional assessments.

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